Question of the Day: Triece, I Think My Man Is Gay! Should I Stay?


Hey Triece!

Okay, so this n!gga I been talking to kinda scares me. He was so sweet in the beginning, but now he’s weird and “gay-acting” to the point that it makes me wonder if he even likes women.

So, we’ve been seeing each other for about five months and things have been fine between the two of us. We’ve been having $ex for some time now and I really like it, however, he is now asking if we can do anal… A LOT!

I agreed to doing it twice and it wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be, but my feelings have began to change for him now because all he wants to do is stick it in my booty. I don’t know if this is a sign that he is gay or just hella kinky… but, nonetheless, I need your help Triece!

Should I continue to smash? Or should I pass?



Hey ladies!

I have to admit that this email did make me laugh out loud because I have friends who have been through the same things and they are still in their rut from the ‘Booty Beating Ghosts of Boyfriends Past’.

Though we do have very high numbers of men who now openly sleep with other men, as well as women, we must admire this email and the major question that is poses.

“Backyard Love” can be a tough one because we think that every man who wants to do it must be gay, however, you have to ask yourself this… ‘If he were gay, why wouldn’t he just do that with a man? It’s not like openly gay or bi men are hard to find… right?’

Sis, he may want to do it with you because he doesn’t like men. Have you ever thought about that?

When I think of gay men, we have to remember that these n!ggas are literally coming out of the woodworks with their poopy love stories of sleeping with other men, having relationships with men and so much more…. So, thankfully, there isn’t much of a Gay Secret Society filled with downlow men anymore.

And with that being said, if he says that he’s not gay and that he just enjoys the feels of booty bumping, he might truly be a heterosexual man who just wants some dump hole from the woman that he loves.

If I were you I’d simply even out the playing field and tell him that we can still do a little butt smashing, but I would also like if we could have, what heterosexuals would call, “normal $ex”, about 85% of the time. If he disagrees and chooses not to cooperate then he just might be a gay, however, if he wants the same thing that you want, then this relationship could be a major slay… In a good way.

However, knowing my consensually sexual track record, or lack thereof, I’m wondering what the rest of you ladies think.

Is it a relationship slay? Or relationship gay?

Give our sister some advice on this one and tell us your Broke Back Love Stories in the comment section below 😊 or you can EMAIL US YOUR ANONYMOUS STORY NOW!





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