8 Myths About Men… That We Must STOP Believing


There are many truths about men that are clearly self-evident: We know they like confident women, love to take charge in anything that they are passionate about, and always consider themselves to be great at giving directions when driving. Then there are those “truths” that I’m convinced women have created in their own minds, however, several experts have FINALLY decided to come forward and admit that what we thought we all knew is just some plain old BS.

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1. Myth: Men want to do the chasing.

Truth: This is one that caught me off guard because I have always been raised to believe that if a man wants you he will simply come to you. I’ve also convinced myself that I shouldn’t have to confront my future husband, I’ve always felt that if he wants me he will make the first move.

Boy! Was I wrong?

Call it what you will, but many men today are more attracted to self-assured, educated women who know what they want and simply go after it. According to the Singles in America survey, which was done by Match.com, they polled more than 5,600 men and woman about love and $ex and, surprisingly, 90% of the men were reported as saying that they would be OK with a woman making the first move… So, yes ladies, I guess it is okay to make the first move… Just remember when to sit back and let your man do some of the work…

It’s 2018 so let’s try to step out of our comfort zones so that we can get the man of our dreams.

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2. Myth: Men just want to have $ex… No strings attached!

Truth: We must first keep in mind that not all men are the same.

Yes, there are many men who are proud to make it clear that they are only here for a good time and not a long time, however, that doesn’t necessarily mean that they just want your body and that’s it.

According to expert Zhana Vrangolva, Ph.D., “like many other personality traits — for example, extraversion — interest in casual $ex varies widely among both men and women.”

“Some men aren’t interested in it at all. Some are interested in it during certain points in their lives,” however, the important thing that we must all remember is that just because someone is into having casual $ex, that doesn’t mean that he doesn’t take interest in love and relationships… Maybe he just hasn’t found the one yet… Doesn’t mean that you will or won’t be that one though, just be patient and see where things go.

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3. Myth: Men don’t have a biological clock.

Truth: “Both sexes form pair bonds, both fall in love, both want to have children — especially before age 40 — and both want to raise them,” explains biological anthropologist Helen Fisher, Ph.D. “Men are just as eager to do so as women.”

It ain’t just you sis… He’s scrambling to beat the clock too.

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4. Myth: Big Feet = Big Meat

Truth: I know what you might be thinking, however, I can clarify this one through my own experiences that just because a man has size 15 Timberland boots on, that does not mean that he has a d!ck print that matches his foot print.

“I believe these are all urban legends,” says Stephen Snyder, M.D., a $ex therapist living in NYC.

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5. Myth: Men don’t want to commit.

Truth: According to Fisher, the co-author of the Singles in America study, “Men want to introduce a partner to friends and family sooner than women do, they like public affection more, and they want to move in sooner.”

This is all great news to me, however, though it may seem unbelievable, there is a very logical and biological explanation for it. Because women are, as we all know, the carrier of the egg, it’s adaptive for men to fall in love faster and take women off the market before the next guy does.

So why does our society portray men to be commitment-phobes? Some would blame it on the hard-wiring of men allegedly wanting to spread their seed as much as they can, however, it also depends on where he is in his own life.

If a dude’s being flaky, it might mean that he doesn’t want commitment at that particular time or it could be that he just doesn’t want it with you. (The fool!) Though coming that realization can sting, “ultimately, we need to remember that we should never have to convince another person of our value,” says Andrea Syrtash, author of He’s Just Not Your Type (and That’s a Good Thing).

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6. Myth: Men can’t fake orgasms.

Truth: You thought we were the only ones capable of pulling a Meg Ryan? Nope. Guys can do it too. (It’s obviously easier to fake it when wearing a condom.) Because of the prevailing myth that men always orgasm, the pressure to perform accordingly can be “pretty intense,” explains Dr. Snyder.

So don’t get too hype when he screams… He could be lying to the both  of us… lol

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7. Myth: It’s always much easier for a man to orgasm during $ex.

Truth: Not only do men struggle with their happy ending, they also experience delayed ejacul@tion, which we’ll just refer to as DE.

“Some men just have a higher threshold for orgasm,” according to Dr. Snyder. However, while we ladies are blessed with many ways to reach our peak, men can’t always reach theirs (or give themselves a helping hand) while they are inside of us.

Sucks, considering the most sensitive part of their “man part” is near the tip. What many women don’t understand is that DE (and other forms of erectile dysfunction, or ED, which can be caused by antidepressants, stress, and alcohol) can affect young men. A 2013 study found that 26% of men with ED are under the age of 40.

“My office is full of them,” confirmed Dr. Snyder.

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8. Myth: Men think about $ex every seven seconds.

Truth: Lies! Thinking about crushing some cakes every seven seconds would mean that a man thinks about doing it 8,000 times a day! This wouldn’t only make men obsessed, but also physically impaired. However, luckily for us, the truth to this story is much more moderate.

Younger men, predictably, think about it a little more. A 2011 study of men ages 18 to 25 recorded almost 19 times a day. Which is still way off from 8,000. (Whew!)


Welp, I must admit that I have a new outlook on life and the way that men are. I thought I knew them, however, these facts have proven that I know nothing about the people that I seem to love so much… MEN!

Comment your thoughts below and tell us what you’re thinking 😊

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